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Accommodation Details

Independent Housing

Global Choices will provide suggestions and assistance in locating an apartment or alternative boarding. Please remember that you are responsible for securing and paying for your own accommodations. Also, you are responsible for abiding by the housing management’s rules and terms. In addition to the accommodation rental cost, there may be monthly utilities (electricity, phone, water, garbage service, cable TV service) as well as grocery expenses and furniture. All these additional living expenses will be your sole responsibility.

Host Family Stay

In most placements, the applicant has the option to live with a host family. If the Host Family housing option is selected, we will place the participant with a well-matched and pre-selected family. The host will provide a sleeping area and two meals a day during the working week (three on weekends). In most cases, the Host Family will prepare meals for the participant. However, many American families have very busy schedules. There may be some situations in which the participant may be asked to prepare a simple meal such as a sandwich and soup.

The participant is expected to be courteous when sharing the family’s resources such as the television, phone, computer, bathroom etc. He or she should respect the Host Family’s rules about drinking, driving and dating. The participant should make every effort to communicate and interact with the Host Family as much as possible in order to enhance the cultural exchange aspect of the programme.

Host Family fee: California, New York, Massachusetts and Florida - $ 900 per month. All other states $ 750

Should the participant select the independent accommodation option, we will provide suggestions and assistance in locating an apartment or alternative boarding.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Ksenija L. - Lithuania

I am absolutely satisfied with my training here because I have already got a lot of valuable experience. After this [training program], I will be able to offer to my future Lithuanian employers valuable American-based management and communication skills. Some knowledge and view-points about American social and economic life will also benefit my prospects for a future career [in Lithuania], because business becomes more and more international.

Hemal Patel - United Kingdom

I would like to thank you very much for your services, making the whole process easier than I would have imagined.
Thank you, Kind Regards, Hemal

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