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In order to apply you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years, and enrolled in a college or university outside of the US. You have to be able to function in an English speaking society. Applicants must arrive in the USA before employment is scheduled to begin, and they must be able to stay for the duration of the programme. They must also be capable of performing the duties and tasks outlined in the job description. Finally, all participants must prove that they have sufficient funds to financially support themselves upon arrival in the US.

How to Apply for a Programme?

Stage 1:

Read the Work & Travel USA description carefully so that you understand what Global Choices has to offer. Make sure you are eligible to participate. Apply and book the programme using a web form on our site.
You will be asked to submit a proof of your student status and passport copy. Global Choices will check your eligibility.

Stage 2:

Once you received from us further instructions and full application form, you can fill it out and submit it to Global Choices, together with other required documents (and a proof of payment if applicable). There is an application fee, to confirm your participation in the programme and to arrange your interview. If you go for the Self-Arranged option, you must submit the job offer at this point.

Stage 3:

Global Choices will review your application. If you’re accepted, Global Choices will invoice you for the programme. You need to make this payment before or on the date indicated in the invoice.

Stage 4:

Once Global Choices has found the position for you, we will send you an Employment Agreement form with the job description for you to sign. After you have signed it, Global Choices will issue your DS 2019 form.

Stage 5:

You need to go to the USA Embassy or Consular Office in your home country to apply for a J-1 visa. Please note that international students studying in the UK can apply for J-1 visa from the UK. Buy a return airline ticket with dates corresponding with your employment dates. You also need to attend the orientation during which you will be advised on what to do once you have arrived in the USA.

Required Documents

  • Completed application form with signed terms and conditions. If you are under 21, your guardian’s or parent’s signature must appear on application;
  • Two original letters of reference in English;
  • Resume or CV;
  • Global Choices’ Proof of Student form must be filled and sealed or stamped by university. A university letter that includes the same information as on the form is also acceptable;
  • A job offer (applicable to self-arranged participants only);
  • Copy of passport;
  • Visa denial form (if applicable);
  • 2 passport photos;
  • Signed refund policy form.

Work Permits and Visa

    Applicants who have arranged their own jobs in the United States must submit a written offer of employment to Global Choices. An official employment offer must be on company letterhead and must clearly state the following:
  • Company name, address, phone and fax number;
  • Name and e-mail address for a contact within the company;
  • Job start and end date;
  • Pay rate;
  • Housing description.

Global Choices will contact all self-arranged employers to confirm each job offer. Any falsified, forged, or fabricated job offers will be rejected without refund.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Vaidas - Lithuania

"My duties included assisting servers with serving guests and preparing the restaurant for each shift. My expectations were met and I was not disappointed. Also, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my position. The best part of my job was meeting a lot of different people from all over the United States. Also, learning new things about the restaurant business. I enjoyed my work atmosphere and all of my co-workers were very nice"


"I'm writing today just to thank you for all that you have done for me, being patient with me all this while, helping me get all the required documents and all. I quite remember when i started, it was just a random internet search but you guys made it happen for me though not as we all wish it will end but i know i wouldn't have gotten that far without your help. It's so unfortunate that i didn't write letters of appreciation as often as i should all along the line when you were getting my papers processed and submitting to the right offices and so on for this and many other reasons. I will help to promote your business by spreading your good name all around and drawing more people to you. After all that is the least i can do to help you as much as you did me."

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