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How does the programme work?

Once you have selected one position from our positions list, you can apply to the programme by completing the online application form. After an initial screening process, you will get a feedback about your suitability for the programme. If you are accepted to the programme, your details will be forwarded to employers for those positions you have selected once we have your booking fee in place.

The booking fee acts as a security deposit and ensures us and the employer that you will follow up with your application once you are accepted to a position. New positions are coming in constantly and you can decide to apply to them as well. In the meantime we will try to arrange interviews for the positions you already applied for. Once an interview was successful and you decide to accept the job offer we will start arranging your visa plus provide assistance with your travel preparations. In case you did not get any job offers, you can decide to withdraw from the programme anytime after 6 weeks upon start of the placement process you will get your full booking fee back! The placement process starts upon receipt of the booking fee, signed General Terms & Conditions form and other documents, if required.

  1. Eligibility
  2. How to Apply for a Programme?
  3. How long does this process take?
  4. Required Documents
  5. Work Permits and Visa


    In order to be considered for a J1 intern visa, candidates must:
  • Be currently enrolled in a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S. and finished their second year of study before the programme start date;
    Have graduated from such an institution (minimum 2-year degree course) within 12 months of the programme start date;
    Hold a degree or professional certificate from a foreign postsecondary academic institution and at least one year of related professional experience acquired outside the U.S.;
    Have five years of related professional experience acquired outside the U. S.;
  • Be between the ages of 21-35 and 18-35 for hospitality placements;
  • Thoroughly complete the application packet and send supporting documents;
  • How to Apply for a Programme?

    Stage 1:

    Select a position from the available positions list and apply. Make sure that you fit all programme and position requirements. The more positions you apply for, the higher your chances of getting a placement.

    Stage 2:

    We will review your application. If you are qualified for the programme, we will contact you to complete our Participant Profile form for further screening. You might also be asked to submit an introduction video to strengthen your application and show us more of your personality.

    Stage 3:

    Once you have been considered suitable for the programme and position, a telephone or skype interview will be arranged and your level of English needs to be verified in case you are not a native English speaker or have not lived in an English speaking environment for at least 2 years.

    Stage 4:

    When you have been accepted by Global Choices, you will need to submit the booking fee. We will now assist you in writing a general resume and begin to forward your details for those positions you selected. During the placement process we might request additional documents to be submitted in order to arrange interviews.

    Stage 5:

    You can choose to apply to more positions on our website. Updates about new positions will be sent on a regular basis. Interviews with employers will be arranged.

    Stage 6:

    If an interview was successful, all necessary documentation to finalize your placement will be send to you. Those documents need to be submitted within 2 weeks, otherwise the employer might withdraw the placement offer in which case the booking fee is lost. After the documents have been returned and the placement has been confirmed you are officially placed. At this stage, the outstanding programme fee needs to be balanced and the DS form will be issued. We will start to assist you with your departure preparations.

    Stage 7:

    Upon receipt of your DS form, you can now schedule an appointment with the US Embassy to obtain your J1 visa. Once your visa appointment has been confirmed you will need to inform Global Choices about the date and time of your appointment.

    Stage 8:

    After your visa has been granted, participants must provide Global Choices with complete arrival flight details 7 days prior to the arrival date (in accordance with the original planned start date). Participants must arrive at least 1 day before the programme start date stated on the DS form.

    How long does this process take?

    Depending on your individual profile, employment field and flexibility, finding a placement can take from 1 week to several months. Key to a successful placement is the effort put into your CV/resume, cover letter as well as the Participant Profile. Please do not get the impression that we can "create jobs". We are still playing in the highly competitive job market and if you wish to get a suitable placement, you will have to invest time and energy in your preparations.

    The process of arranging the visa as well as all departure preparations will take about 3-4 weeks maximum.

    Required Documents

    • Two Photographs – 1 passport-size and 1 professional demeanour photo;
    • Letter to the host family, if applicable;
    • Curriculum Vitae/resume;
    • Cover letter;
    • Letters of Recommendation from a previous employer or professor, if requested;
    • Proof of university attendance or diploma and any other relevant certificates;
    • Copy of passport

    Work Permits and Visa

    Once a placement has been finalized, the participant will receive the DS-2019 form, which is called a “Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status”. This document shows the name of your sponsor and the purpose of the programme, and specifies its duration. The DS-2019 is not a visa application form.

    In order to apply for the J-1 visa, you must take the DS-2019 form, proof of payment of the US$180 SEVIS fee, and your passport to the nearest U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country. Once the form is processed, the visa is issued and attached to your passport. It is extremely important to retain a copy of the DS-2019 form throughout the remainder of the programme.

    As a reminder, Global Choices is not responsible for final visa authorisation decisions and visa issuance. The U.S. embassies and consulates abroad each have their own guidelines relative to issuing U.S. visas; Global Choices has no control or say regarding an embassy or consulate’s final visa decision.

    Please note: The DS-2019 Form will only be issued once the participant’s programme fee is paid in full.

    J1 Trainee Status

    Must have a university degree or professional certificate from a foreign institution AND at least one year of additional related experience outside of the U.S after graduation OR five years of experience outside of the U.S, in the field of training. Trainees will be allowed to stay in the U.S for up to 18 months, with the exception of hospitality trainees who are limited to programmes of 12 months or less. Exchange visitors who will be pursuing training in business management at a hotel will be allowed to train for up to 18 months. (For example, Human Resources or Marketing Training Programmes at a hotel or restaurant would qualify as 18-month business training as long as the trainee has prior management experience).

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Ksenija L. - Lithuania

I am absolutely satisfied with my training here because I have already got a lot of valuable experience. After this [training program], I will be able to offer to my future Lithuanian employers valuable American-based management and communication skills. Some knowledge and view-points about American social and economic life will also benefit my prospects for a future career [in Lithuania], because business becomes more and more international.

Hemal Patel - United Kingdom

I would like to thank you very much for your services, making the whole process easier than I would have imagined.
Thank you, Kind Regards, Hemal

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