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India - Volunteering

India is a country of shocking contrasts. On one side you have millions of people living below the poverty line, waiting eagerly for a helping hand, and on the other you’ll find striking landscapes and historical sites with a culture that goes back more than 5000 years. As a volunteer, you will have infinite opportunities for social work and personal exploration. Global Choices will make sure you’re assigned to places where you can really make a difference, and still enjoy some of the tourist attractions.

Costa Rica - Volunteering

For the duration of volunteering in Costa Rica you will be expected to provide day by day care and support for orphans, when assigned to health/social work project or feeding to animals, carry out general maintenance tasks or guide tourists. With 25% of the country being national parks and protected areas Costa Rica needs you to participate in a worldwide programme to protect rain forests and save various species of fauna and flora from extinction.

Argentina - Volunteering

Argentina – country of breathtaking natural wonders, with a European-flavoured style capital, diverse culture and friendly people mean that every traveler will experience unforgivable pulsating atmosphere of this place. From the northern deserts to the southern Andean Cordillera, from breathtaking, picturesque Iguazu Falls to the magnificent desolation of Patagonia - Argentina’s geography, coupled with wide range of weather patterns, and an awesome mixture of cultures and races has much to offer every visitor.

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