Testimonial: Kairvee Patel, Global Choices trainee, 2009

Student of Business Management program at Brunel University in London, UK

Kairvee - Global Choices Trainee

The time I spent at Global Choices as a trainee went fairly quick reflecting back at the various experiences and skills that I have acquired in various fields. I believe it has given me that head start in life and an insight into the working world.

The nature of work at Global Choices is so diverse – you are assigned so many different tasks from different fields. Within these fields the topic you are doing may be the same everyday, however every situation raised differs, which made it more interesting and challenged me to find a solution.

Trainee Positions at Global Choices

There were also many simple tasks, such as answering telephone calls and writing emails, but all of these tasks helped me better understand the way people communicate in businesses.

Throughout my placement I was constantly given various tasks. From the first day till the end I was kept on my feet tackling various issues and situations. It kept me busy and gave me the chance to obtain vast amounts of knowledge.

I believe I bonded well with my fellow colleagues as from the very day I started I felt that I was a part of the company and I had been working there for ages. From past experiences I have found it is very rare for a company to give you responsibilities as soon as you join them, but at Global Choices it was different. I was assigned various responsibilities.

I was clueless about many things as I had never done anything like this before; however, there was always help available when required. I enjoyed the fact that I had not done anything like this before because it gave me the chance to see if I can cope with taking over an element of a business that I had no previous experience in.

Global Choices has given me many challenges that have helped me to develop some of my existing skills and also given me a lot of new skills and practical experience in all different fields of work. I have also adapted my personal strengths and weaknesses which have indicated to me what fields I need to focus on.

The amount I have learnt and the experience I have gained is priceless, as most of the things that I have learnt I would not have known from simply completing my university studies. I am so privileged to have been given the chance to work for such a prestigious company such as Global Choices which has such an exciting and friendly environment.

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