Testimonial: Marta De Juan Marin, Global Choices trainee, 2008

Student of Medicine at The University of Valencia, Spain

Marta - Global Choices Trainee

During my training in Global Choices I could work in different fields inside the company but I mostly managed with marketing, which was really new for me because I had never worked in this area. I think this was a very interesting and creative job which prevented me from being idle and at the same time I learned lots of new things.

Regarding my linguistic experience, as everybody in the office talked in English I have been listening to it all the time. Answering the phone and dealing with people through it helped me to improve the language and learn formal English. In addition, as I had to read lots of documents and information and had to write accurate descriptions I also learned new business vocabulary.

Global Choices Trainees

Even though I worked full time, I was very comfortable during my training and I had plenty of things to do everyday. Furthermore, the manager gave me a certain number of tasks and explained me everything about them so that I could have more flexibility and decide when I wanted to work in each task.

There was a friendly atmosphere between all members of the staff including the director, who taught me how to do things, checked what I did, dealt with me directly and treated me as if I had been working there for months. The other colleagues were also very helpful and patient. I could ask everything to any of them without any problem and they were always ready to help me as much as they could. We also went for dinner some days, which shows the way they treated me. In this company I never felt as the new girl and that helped me to do my best to improve my English and my Marketing knowledge, animate me to work harder and increased my confidence.

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To sum up, I gained work experience abroad, improved my English and learned more about Management and Finance in one of the most important business places, London. After finishing this training, I think I learned lots of things that will help me in my future but they were not just professional abilities but also discipline, responsibility and commitment.

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