Testimonial: Laura Deleau, Global Choices trainee 2009

Student of International Business degree program at The European Business School in Bordeaux, France.

Laura - Global Choices Trainee

I would like to present you the company where I am doing my internship as a Marketing assistant. It is called Global Choices and it is based in London. One of my favorite characteristics of my internship is that my company is international. Global Choices is composed of 4 offices around the world which means that we are working together on international projects.

I’m learning how to work with a lot of different people and how to work with the jet lag. And it’s not easy because there are 2 hours of time difference with Lithuania and 7 hours with Jamaica! So you need to be flexible if you want to work with other countries because you need to do some concessions like for example starting to work earlier or leaving the office later. You just have to be open-minded!

So it’s a real chance for me to learn the differences between their working model and mine! I know that I am lucky to have a great internship and I say again thank you to all of my colleagues.

All of these persons are my colleagues and I just want to say that I know that I’m really lucky to do my internship with them because they’re really really nice (and I’m not going to make the list of their qualities because I’m sure that they are going to read this text and they will be too much proud!!!).

To finish, I just want to say that my first opinion of this company was that people were funny but even if I had reasons for this impression (!), I can just add today that the real strength of this company is that it works as a family.

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