Testimonial: Remi PUREY, Global Choices trainee 2010

Student of International Business degree program at The European Business School in Bordeaux, France

Marta - Global Choices Trainee

I have been 3 months in the office of Global Choices. The first thing I can say is, the time had gone by too fast here! And the second one is, apply to join Global Choices team!

Global Choices Trainees

If you apply for an internship at Global Choices, you will have some good times with friendly colleagues and managers, but you will also learn a lot of different things! I worked in the Marketing department, as Administrative Assistant. I did not like marketing before my internship, I was thinking it was something boring and only for creative people, but now I like it! And even if I was thinking I was not someone creative, I found it really interesting!

A part of my work consisted in answer the phone and try to find solutions of clients problems or inquires, advertise and update new programs, and also follow clients for Disclosure certificate program. So I learned a lot of things in addition of a work experience abroad.

Global Choices gave me the opportunity to improve my English, and now I am really feeling comfortable with it. As I received a certain number of phone calls, from people from a lot of different places, I am used to understand various accents. I think this will be an important advantage for my future, as our generation need to be able to speak and understand everybody from everywhere, as most companies are working internationally.

Join the Global Choices team, and enjoy!

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