Testimonial: Daniel Weiland, Global Choices trainee 2010

Student of English at Saarland University, Germany.

I did a 3-month internship at Global Choices in London and I can tell you: it’s definitely worth it.

After only a short period of doing administrative office tasks, you will get a broad variety of “real” work to do. Starting from database work to writing newsletters received by thousands of subscribers to actually modifying and writing content for the company website, you will always feel that you are an accepted member of the team.

Before I came to Global Choices I had hoped that the internship wouldn’t consist of making copies and coffee – and I can tell you, it doesn’t (well, except if you want to make copies and – more important – coffee for yourself, of course).

The tasks cover a broad variety as mentioned above, which is a great way to improve several of your own skills (covering technical as well as creative fields).

Additionally, given that you possess a certain English communication skill, you will be answering the phone and talking to customers and partners. You will have to cope with a variety of accents, from native speakers to poor English, which is a brilliant opportunity to improve your spoken English and your understanding even further.

Expect a workload that will fill out your days, but which doesn’t get so much that you have to work from home. You will barely be bored during the working hours, but you will not have to bother with stress.
Working at Global Choices means working in a friendly, open environment where nice colleagues are always ready to help you, and where your opinion is highly valued.

As most other testimonials I have read before starting my own internship in London, I can only say: Don’t hesitate to apply if you are looking for a fun and at the same time professional work experience.

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