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How can I qualify for the programme?

You must be a native English speaker between 18 and 70 years old and have completed high school. You must have basic English language conversation skills. Some projects require minimum intermediate level of Spanish.

Why does Argentina need volunteers?

Once a part of the richest, best educated and most cultured nation in Latin America, nowadays after experiencing economy crisis, some Argentineans found themselves in deep poverty. Government statistics show that 11,200 people a day fall into poverty - earning less than $3 daily.

Where in Argentina will I be based?

The volunteer placements will be offered in Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

Is there any benefit to me as a volunteer?

As an international volunteer, you will increase your social awareness, gain self-confidence, and build a sense of independence while, in turn, helping others.

What are the different volunteer projects I can participate in?

There is variety of projects to choose from. For example you can engage yourself in teaching, helping and assisting in an impoverished neighborhood.

How long can I work for as a volunteer?

Time of commitment may vary from 4 weeks to 12 months.

Where will I live?

Accommodation in both cities will be arranged by Global Choices prior to the candidate’s arrival. You have the option of a homestay with an Argentine family or student residence.

Do I need any Vaccinations before my trip?

There is no specific requirement for vaccination but it is always advisable to get the necessary shots of hepatitis, tetanus and any other which your doctor might suggest.

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