Canada - Working Holiday

Who can participate. Eligibility

The requirements for participation in this programme are dictated by Canadian government visa regations.

  1. How to apply for a programme
  2. Required documents
  3. Work permits and visa

Applicants must be citizens of the following countries:

  • Australia (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Belgium (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Chile (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Czech Republic (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Denmark (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Estonia (aged between 18 and 35),
  • France (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Germany (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Hong Kong (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Ireland (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Italy (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Japan (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Republic of Korea (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Latvia (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Lithuania (aged between 18 and 35),
  • New Zealand (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Netherlands (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Norway (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Poland (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Slovenia (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Spain (aged between 18 and 35),
  • Sweden (aged between 18 and 30),
  • Taiwan (aged between 18 and 35),
  • United Kingdom (aged between 18 and 30).

For candidates from UK, you also need to be a full-time student to qualify for this temporary employment programme. UK citizens must be full-time students at a British university. Applicants are required to provide an unconditional letter of acceptance from a university, a letter confirming their return to studies or proof that they have completed school within the previous 12 months. Students completing A Levels, HND or BTEC courses are not eligible to participate unless they have a document showing that they have been unconditionally accepted to continue studies in a university programme.

How to apply for a programme?

  1. Fill out the application form and send it to Global Choices along with your CV.
  2. Acceptance & Invoice Sent - Make Payment
  3. Screening and Internship Planning Consultation (skype)
  4. Resume Counseling
  5. Interview Preparation & Interviews (skype)
  6. Placement
  7. Visa Application  (if applying for Working Holiday visa the candidate is asked to apply immediately or before starting this process).
  8. Global Choices will assist you with booking accommodation and any other service requested, once the visa is received and the arrival time established. You can arrive in either Vancouver or Toronto.
  9. Have an outstanding trip!

Applications are accepted year-round.

Required documents

  • Completed application form;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Clean criminal record (Global Choices can assist you in obtaining your certificate from UK for an additional fee)

Work permits and visa

Canada has temporary employment programmes for people meeting the requirements who are citizens of the eligible countries. The maximum validity of an employment authorization issued under this programme is usually 12 months. The additional requirements vary for the different countries.

In the UK this programme is administered by the Canadian High Commission. There is a GBP 85 fee to apply for this visa.

You will be required to present evidence of access to approximately CAD$1,000 in available funds.

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