Canada - Internships

Programme cost

  • Programme booking fee - 350 CAD. This fee must be paid when you get the confirmation about eligibility from our programme coordinator;
  • Placement fee - 1040 CAD (hospitality industry);
  • Placement fee - 1390 CAD (all other industries);
Total programme cost - 1390 CAD / 1740 CAD

What’s included in the fee

  • Job placement;
  • Assistance with visa documentation.

What’s not included

  • Round trip to Canada;
  • Day-to-day personal expenses;
  • Health and accident insurance. These can be purchased from Global Choices at an additional cost.


  • Global Choices will retain 350 CAD (administration fee) if you cancel after internship placement process has started;
  • We will retain 50% of your programme fee if you cancel after the placement is confirmed;
  • No refunds are issued after the internship has started.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Satoshi - Japan

"I'd say my contribution to the company is fairy high rate, because my boss told me to come back to them after the internship, when i get the working holiday visa. They give me a lot of acknowledgements which motivates me extraordinary. I really enjoy working with them. It seems workers are satisfied with what they're dealing with. For the rest of my internship, I'll learn new tasks as much as I can, keep up with the general speed of things, and concentrate on the tasks which I've known so that I won't make careless mistakes"

Natalie - United Kingdom

Thanks to Global choices, on behalf of my daughter Natalie. We appreciated the info kindly provided, together with the processing and research for the most suitable placement in Alberta. We had a two week holiday in Alberta and visited both establishments with our Canadian hosts. Needless to say both resorts mentioned are absolutely super! Thanks again for your effort. On behalf of Natalie. We look forward to further placement news. ~ Natalie’s father Andrew

Global Choices. Contact information

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Tel: (+ 44) 208 533 2777 (UK)
Tel.: (+1) 646 929 4656 (USA)
Fax: (+ 44) 870 330 5955

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