USA - Internship / Training

Programme Cost

  • Registration Fee - $50
  • Booking Fee - $700


  • The registration fee of $50 will be issued before the interview with our programme coordinator. It is not included in the programme fee and non refundable.
  • The booking fee of $700 is applied towards the programme fee balance. In case no successful job interview was conducted, applicants will get their booking fee refunded in full.
    1. What is included in the Fee?
    2. What is not included?
    3. SEVIS System
    4. Cancellation

    Programme “A” - Self-Arranged Placement (Visa only)
    3-6 months $ 1050
    7-12 months $ 1250
    13-18 months $ 1450
    Site visit (fees depend on location)
    Programme “B” - Global Choices Arranged Placement (Placement + Visa)
    3-6 months $ 2090
    7-12 months $ 2490
    13-18 months $ 2990

    What is included in the Fee

    • Placement in a career related business (B);
    • Assistance in finding accommodation (B);
    • J-1 visa documentation (A&B);
    • Participant handbook (A&B);
    • Programme orientation and administration (A&B).

    What is not included

    • Round trip airfare to the States;
    • Any daily living expenses including rent (if applicable), and transportation to and from the host business;
    • In case Host Family stay is selected the fees are the following: California, New York, Massachusetts and Florida - $ 900 per month. All other states $ 750;
    • Health and accident insurance for the duration of the programme. All candidates are required to apply for health insurance through Global Choices. Candidates who apply for insurance in combination with the programme will get a discount. Details of a variety of insurance coverage schemes can be found on our website;
    • Visa interview fees at the embassy;
    • SEVIS fee.

    SEVIS fee has to be paid in addition to all programme fees. Currently this fee is $180 USD but may be subject to change.

    SEVIS System (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)

    SEVIS has been set up by the U.S. government in an effort to keep track of all exchange visitors (J visas) and international foreign students (F & M visas) during their stay in the United States. SEVIS replaced an old manual, paper-driven procedure with an automated one in which real-time; accurate information is updated and maintained through the use of a web-based application. The new procedure has enabled schools and exchange programme sponsors to transmit electronic information and event notifications via the internet to the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State throughout exchange visitor’s and the student’s stay in the U.S. All the J programme sponsors must comply with SEVIS rules and regulations and keep the records of all exchange visitors up to date by U.S. law. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that our participants report to us their arrival confirmation and U.S. home address within 7 days of their arrival in order for us to validate their programme in SEVIS and to remain in contact with us for any changes in the programme within 7 days of change. If a participant forgets this important requirement, s/he is going to be in danger of losing the programme sponsorship and may have the programme terminated. At our programme orientation sessions and through programme applications, our participants are given precise details and instructions about SEVIS.


      Refunds are given under the following circumstances:

    • Programme B (GC Arranged Placement) - The booking fee is refundable in full when no successful job interview was conducted within 6 weeks (if not otherwise agreed on) upon the start of the placement process;
    • Programme B - In case an applicant accepts an interview and then does not accept the offer from the employer, the booking fee is not refundable. Note: Applicants have the choice to accept an interview request before it is scheduled;
    • Programme B - In case of visa denial the programme fee and insurance fees will be refunded minus the booking fee;
    • Programme A (Self-Arranged Placement) - In case of visa denial, the programme fee and insurance fees will be refunded minus the booking fee;
    • Programme A - When the application is cancelled before the DS-2019 form is issued the full programme fee and insurance fees will be refunded minus $400;
    • Programme A and B - When the application is cancelled after the DS-2019 form is issued only insurance fees are refundable;

    Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

    Ksenija L. - Lithuania

    I am absolutely satisfied with my training here because I have already got a lot of valuable experience. After this [training program], I will be able to offer to my future Lithuanian employers valuable American-based management and communication skills. Some knowledge and view-points about American social and economic life will also benefit my prospects for a future career [in Lithuania], because business becomes more and more international.

    Hemal Patel - United Kingdom

    I would like to thank you very much for your services, making the whole process easier than I would have imagined.
    Thank you, Kind Regards, Hemal

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